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2012-09-19, 08:21
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Ben Owens
2012-07-24, 16:25
As my heart rate continues to drop after the speed test, I
Keith Miller
2012-07-24, 16:24
My weeks at MWI gave me the chance to mix toxic water and food colorings together, garnished with the finest of reusable plastic fruit while learning that word associations are the key to success . . . of course nothing prepared me for the industry the way Hutch organized the dramatic role playing skits at the bar . . . then again if some guy orders a wine cooler at the bar you should be ready to break up a fight . . . during my weeks there, well one in particular, Jodie taught us that true love is when you hamster-sit for the significant other, but are forced to pound 151 to calm your nerves, afraid you
Alex Masci
2012-07-24, 16:23
Going to the Institute was one of the best choices I made. I now work at Kahunaville in Wilmington Delaware, for all that don
Zouhir Oullaf
2012-05-11, 16:24
I feel that the Bartending School provided thorough and excellent training. Upon graduating the course I felt prepared, both on a technical and professional level. The instructors were excellent! The school goes above and beyond by not only giving training and certification but in helping to pave the road to placement; they aided me in preparing for and finding professional interviews. I now have landed a great opportunity with the Villanova Conference Center (www.villanovaconfctr.com) in the area it all took a very short amount of time with all the help I received.